Why communities should appoint a poet laureate?

The arts are essential to the health and vivacity of every community. Poetry, an ancient art which maintains its vitality today, is something people turn to for solace, enlightenment, and delight. A poet laureate can serve as an ambassador representing a locality in the greater arts community.

A poet laureate is a person who is recognized for his or her long-standing involvement in poetry. This person demonstrates passion and expertise in the field, and works to promote poetry in the general culture. We have a state poet laureate, but urge the cities, towns, and regions of Connecticut to also consider appointing their own poets laureate. In order to appoint a poet laureate, a committee that might include a mayor, members of a town council, or members of a local arts council should identify one or more persons who demonstrate a serious commitment to poetry, and then make an appointment.

Our coalition, The Connecticut Coalition of Poets Laureate (CCPL) can provide advice or assistance in this process.