CT Poets Respond

Alexandrina Sergio

reading her poem “Leaving Bridget”

Davyne Verstandig

Reading “echoes and fragments

Dick Allen

Ginny Lowe Connors

on her book Toward the Hanging Tree:

with Tarn Granucci discussing book Laureates of Connecticut:

Julia Paul

tv program also featuring Rennie McQuilkin:

Laurel Peterson

video of Poets Resist event that took place in April, 2017. It also includes Rennie McQuilkin and other fine poets.

Marilyn Nelson

reading from “A Wreath for Emmett Till”:
at National Book Festival:

reading her poem “Thompson and Seaman Vows, African Union Church”

at the 2009 ACMHE Conference:

Animated Poem created by students at North Park Montessori based on Nelson’s poem “1905”:

Michael Chief Peterson

performing his poem “Nahla—Muslima in High School”

Mick Theebs

reading a poem with the mayor:

his poem “Stupid Rocks”

Rennie McQuilkin

on the occasion of his installation as Connecticut Poet Laureate:

introduction to his local tv series “Speaking of Poetry”

a tv program featuring Rennie along with Julia Paul:

Speaking of Poetry Episode 4 guest Katharine Carle

Susan Allison

Tarn Granucci

with Ginny Connors discussing book Laureates of Connecticut: