By Cathy Weiss, Clinton Poet Laureate, 2021 -

Summer breezes sweep through town
As fishermen haul in their catch.
Later, tourists will flood the marina searching
For lobster rolls, instagram photos, and sun kissed noses.
In the center of town a place for music, art, and
church fairs where families and friends gather.

The air is fresh yet crisp as we gather
under autumn leaves falling gently down
From the beautiful trees that abound
and grace our historical homes
The Stanton House and “Old Brick”
Where history and memories flow

Where three rivers peacefully flow
With as much love as in our hearts
Our sense of community thrives
As we take care of one another
Amid history, sea breezes, and sand
Everyone tries to lend each other a hand

Our town’s nonprofits extend a hand
To all those who may need to feel
their community’s arm around their shoulders
With grace our community thrives
Birds chirp happily one last time
before they return in spring

We wait for Ospreys to return in spring
sometimes like those birds we leave
taking our love for you with us
Knowing we will return again and again
To the place where memories were made
Summer blue fish and Christmas in Clinton

Even Santa comes back for Christmas in Clinton
Arriving at our beautiful Town Hall
Along the river with the gazebo lit behind
Though time passes and seasons change
The sun sets on another day in Clinton
A place we proudly call home

We catch the breezes at our sun kissed marina,
or along rivers that peacefully flow.
We return each season to gather again, and again